Why do my brakes feel different?

If you like to watch video see link below if not read on. Thanks.

Why do my brakes feel different, softer and lower after brake pads are installed? A lot changes when a brake operation is performed. Here are some basic’s. The calipers slides and hardware are cleaned and lubed causing more travel and proper clearances. Rotors are refaced and need break–in miles. Pads are installed and they are new soft and squishy. They will harden within a few miles driving. Also very important is a brake fluid flush. This will improve brake pedal height, fluid boiling point and overall brake performance. As you can see there is a lot going on during and after a brake operation. On a related subject our next blog post will be “What is break-in and what can I expect”? Call today at 772-283-4445 or see stuartbrakeandautorepair.com for a brake inspection appointment request for your vehicles’ service or repair. Again thanks for choosing Stuart Brake and Auto Repair for your next service, maintenance or repair.


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