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How much does window repair cost? Mark Allen here with Stuart Brake and Auto Repair. Today how much does it cost to fix my window?  In the past that was a simple answer. Most times it was a window motor, window regulator or a switch. These were generically priced and the labor was similar for many models.Then cars changed. Like this week, working on a 2003 Nissan Altima all windows did not operate. Removed main door switch and found it unplugged. Ok easy fix. Tested the operation of all windows and they all worked. Let’s call it done and park it in the lot. Parked vehicle remove key and opened and shut door. Three second later both front window rolled down by themselves.With key out and doors shut ready to lock. Does this car have a poltergeist or what? Well let’s stop and diagnose and this is what we found. The vehicle is equipped with an after exit timed courtesy function that ... read more

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