What does fluid flushing and maintenance accomplish?

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Today’s topic “What does fluid flushing and maintenance accomplish?

In the engine crank case it keeps down engine wear and seal deterioration. Preventing engine internal wear/damage and oil leakage.

In the transmission it flushes’ out old dirty fluid and polymers’ and refreshes it with clean new fluid and new polymers’. This prevents transmission leaks, chatter and wear.

In the power steering it keep the seals and gaskets fresh and supple, this prevents leakage from the steering gear and power steering pump. Also cleans and improves performance of the valves and feel of the power steering.

In the cooling system flushes prevent rot from acid build up that can literally eat the engine and radiator form the inside out. This is one of the most critical systems under the hood. This also will save you a lot on money in repair and breakdown costs.

In the brake system it flushes out old water soaked fluid with new clean fluid. Preventing internal rot, improving pedal height/response and stopping distance. This saves money in master cylinder, brake calipers and ABS valve bodies.

As you can see fluid flushes’ accomplish much and will make a big difference for you and your vehicles’ cost and reliability.   

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