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My air conditioning is blowing warm how much is it going to cost?

If you like to watch video see link below if not read on. Thanks. My air conditioning is blowing warm how much is it going to cost? When the hot weather hits each spring and summer we get this question a lot. It usually goes one of two ways. The simplest solution is an air conditioning service. Read pressures, reclaim Freon, vacuum Freon, dry Freon, deep vacuum system, recharge system with proper quantity of Freon, confirm proper pressures’, confirm proper cooling and road test. This takes care of the majority of vehicles’. If this step does not correct the issue the next step is diagnosis of the system failure and produce an estimate for a specific repair for that system failure. Call today at 772-283-4445 or see stuartbrakeandautorepair.com for an appointment request for your vehicles’ a/c service or repair. Again thanks for choosing Stuart Brake and Auto Repair for your next service, maintenance or repair.    ... read more

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