How does fluid flushing and maintenance save me money?

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Today’s topic “How does fluid flushing and maintenance save me money?”

In the engine crank case it keeps down engine wear and seal deterioration. Preventing engine internal wear/damage and oil leakage. Lack of oil changes is one of the leading causes of major engine failure. Engine replacement in today’s market starts at $4,000 dollars and goes up and over $10,000 dollars for luxury and diesel models.

In the transmissions it prevents transmission leaks, chatter, hard shift and internal wear. Also a maintained transmission in much less likely to have a major failure. That is a cost saving or $2,000 to $5,000 per vehicle.

In the power steering it keep the seals and gaskets fresh and supple, this prevents leakage from the steering gear and power steering pump. A typical steering rack operation starts at $750 dollars for an inexpensive type and goes up over a $1,000. Flushing this simple system can save you lots of pain, money and inconvenience.

In the cooling system flushes prevent rot from acid build up that can literally eat the system from the inside out. This system includes many primary items like engine head gaskets, engine block, cylinder heads, heater core, radiator, and transmission cooler, thermostat, heater hoses, radiator hoses and water pump. These are all required for vehicle operation and are costly to repair. A simple coolant flush will save them and save you money.

In the brake system it flushes out old water soaked fluid with new clean fluid. Preventing internal rot, improving pedal height/response and stopping distance. This saves money in master cylinder, brake calipers and ABS valve body repairs. One repair of an ABS system would pay for all the brake system flushes’ for the life of the vehicle and that is only one component.

Rear and front differentials’ and transfer cases for four wheel drives are another area that need flushes and work hard. This can deteriorate fluid and cause bearing failures. Flushing help prevent this.

As you can see fluid flushes’ save you money in breakdown and repair costs. This will make a big difference in your vehicle satisfaction and reliability.

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