Buzzing noise in my vehicle phone call.

If you like to watch video see link below if not read on. Thanks.

Ring-ring, ring-ring. Hello this is Mark at Stuart Brake and Auto Repair “how may I help you”? Your vehicle has this buzzing noise when the gas pedal is just applied. It sounds like marbles and metal. Is that correct? Ok, yes? I have heard this concern many times. It is usually an exhaust component failure. Yes we can inspect your vehicle on a rack and find the noise and then estimate the time to get parts and labor to install them. Yes we have all the equipment to perform the repair. Yes we can inspect your vehicle @ 1:30 today. Ok thanks, see you then. Thank you, good bye. This is a typical call for the service desk. We handle many different concerns and inspections. Call today at 772-283-4445 or see for an inspection appointment request for your vehicles’ estimate, service or repair. Again thanks for choosing Stuart Brake and Auto Repair for your next service, maintenance or repair.

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