My headlamp is out what is that going to cost?

If you like to watch video see link below if not read on. Thanks. My headlamp is out what is that going to cost? Today’s vehicles have multi different types of headlamps today. The pricing varies widely from one part to another part. Also the labor many time starts with the line. “Remove front of vehicles bumper and trim”. Headlamps start at $40 parts and labor and the most expensive one to date was $1,500.00 for a one side repair. This makes proper diagnosis a must so you know the estimated investment. Call today at 772-283-4445 or see for an appointment request for your vehicles’ service or repair. Again thanks for choosing Stuart Brake and Auto Repair for your next service, maintenance or repair.

How it save money in auto repair

How do I save money on auto repair? Here is a simple and basic idea that works. Change the vehicles’ oil regularly, semi-synthetic engine oil each 3500 miles or each 7500 miles for full synthetic motor oil. Here’s three ways it saves.One; it keeps the engine clean, performing great, seals and gaskets in good condition. Consistently clean oil keeps engine seals and gaskets soft and pliable reducing leaking and engine wear now and at higher mileages.Two; during an oil change service the tires are filled, wear checked, battery check and fluids topped off. This keeps the vehicle is ready condition to operate daily.Third, a multi-point courtesy check is done to find safety and maintenance problems’ early so they do not become big problem down the road.These ideas are very basic. The clients’ that have adhered to the service maintenance schedule have the least amount of major repair co ... read more

Brake fluid leaking and brake pedal to floor brake pedal just dropped to the floor and fluid in runningoff the underside of my vehicle! I’m calling the tow truck! Ok what just happened? One of the most frequent causes of this failure is rotted, corroded and damaged brake lines. Most times the cause is from sea salt air, far northern driving and road salt application. Here at Stuart Brake & Auto Repair we have the tools equipment and materials to repair the brake lines on most cars, light trucks, vans and SUV vehicles’. This is specialized equipment and most shops do not have or choose not to perform this type of repair service. Our technicians are experienced at this operation in both bubble and inverted flares in metric and standard sizes. Predominantly the replacement materials are cooper alloy lines in metric, ¼” and 3/16”. This material will not rust and corroded like the standard steel line ... read more

How much does window repair cost? Mark Allen here with Stuart Brake and Auto Repair. Today how much does it cost to fix my window?  In the past that was a simple answer. Most times it was a window motor, window regulator or a switch. These were generically priced and the labor was similar for many models.Then cars changed. Like this week, working on a 2003 Nissan Altima all windows did not operate. Removed main door switch and found it unplugged. Ok easy fix. Tested the operation of all windows and they all worked. Let’s call it done and park it in the lot. Parked vehicle remove key and opened and shut door. Three second later both front window rolled down by themselves.With key out and doors shut ready to lock. Does this car have a poltergeist or what? Well let’s stop and diagnose and this is what we found. The vehicle is equipped with an after exit timed courtesy function that ... read more

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